Dimple Creation Procedure

More & more young females & males are requesting for creation of dimple on face To enhance the looks or many feel that dimple may bring them good fortune, beauty & fertility.

Consultation :

With the help of computer imaging,location,number & size of dimple can be decided.Once aesthetic attributes are decided to patient's satisfaction,patient must understand the procedure,its benefits risks.


Dimple surgery is essentially done underlocal anesthesia & no admission is required. After marking & anestising the desired position of dimple on skin,Through mouth a small cuff[4-6mm] of cheek lining & underlying muscle is removed. A double suture of nylon is put in skin & muscle to develop dimple. Cheek lining is closed with dissolvable suturing material.

After Surgery :

  • Patient is advised to use ice packs for 2-3 days for swelling.
  • Patient can resume normal diet.
  • Patient is advised excessive facial animation to expedite resolution of edema.
  • Dimple will appear at rest & in animation for 6 to 8 weeks,then gradually disappear and only present itself thereafter naturally during facial expression.

Complications :

  • Persistant swelling
  • Asymmetry
  • Abcess formation because foreign body reaction to knot of suturing material.
  • Knot may not work & dimple disappears, can be corrected surgically.
  • Facial nerve weakness or paralysis is very rarely possible.