Arms Liposuction

These two goals go hand in hand, and Dr. Atul’s only purpose is to help patients reach their ideal level of comfort with their body. In order to do this, he doesn’t view liposuction as fat removal, as this would be a very narrow-minded view of what liposuction is capable of. Instead, he views it as an effective means of sculpting his patients’ bodies. With this viewpoint firmly in mind, he uses liposuction as a tool to remove precise amounts of fat, at precise locations, to lend an overall beautiful appearance to the target area. It is this level of care and precision that makes Dr. Atul a true expert in his field.

Arm liposuction is no exception to Dr. Atul's specific approach. Even though the upper arms appear to just be a singular, uncomplicated mass of tissue, it actually requires a refined and highly delicate approach to ensure they reach their cosmetic goal.

In addressing the upper arms, Dr. Atul will also examine the area just behind the armpits. When upper arms accumulate fat, it is rarely restricted to that single location. So-called bra rolls are a large concern for women, as they are easily visible when they bulge out. By addressing this area in addition to the upper arms, Dr. Atul ’s dynamic approach is perfect for any patient seeking a cosmetic change in their arms.