Bra And Back Liposuction

Back and Bra Line Liposuction in St. Louis: Liposuction of the Mid and Upper Back

Do you feel unsure of yourself when wearing tight fitting clothing? Have you been felt uncomfortable about rolls around the side and back by your bra or back boobs? Contour those bulges, rolls, and more with liposuction. Liposuction of the mid-back and back bra-line will provide you with a smooth contoured shape that reveals a toned back by suctioning and removing the fat cells in a procedure that is virtually pain free.

Bra Line Liposuction can make a positive impact in patient lives. It can change how you perceive yourself, and how others perceive you, by improving your work image, personal relationships, and life in general.

What’s The Bra Line?

The lines or rolls that are created by the bra above the waist and below the arms. There are really two parts to the bra line: the front bra line and the back bra line. In the front this area is above the abdomen but below the chest. Back bra line is discussed also in the paragraph above. This area of fat on the bra band of the back is also known as the female flank, or in medical terms, infra-scapular fat. Women typically feel insecure about wearing tight clothing and the excess fat can cause sweating and unsightly bulges.

The good news? It doesn’t have to stay this way, and no gym membership is required.

Quick Tidbit

Women should note that the condition is predominantly genetic, so don’t beat yourself up if exercise and dieting aren’t effective in this area.

What to Expect

The fat in this area is considered to be subcutaneous. To remove fat bra lines, a micro-cannula is inserted through tiny punctures, about the size of the tip on a ballpoint pen. The results are dramatic and immediate. Most patients are able to resume their normal daily activities within 48 hours.

Upper Back Liposuction

There are two areas that may be addressed with liposuction on the upper back, including:

  • Buffalo Hump – as the term suggests, this is right on the upper back, below the shoulders and neck. It can make patients appear to have bad posture, and suffer from low self-confidence and other negative feeling about self-image.
  • Posterior Axillary Fat –This area is the back of the armpit, which usually sags with fat as we age.

Get permanent and dramatic results from upper back liposuction. Dr. Wright is an expert at evaluating patients and addressing their concerns. The areas listed above are often combined with other areas to achieve an attractive silhouette. We do what it takes to achieve optimal results without sacrificing safety.

Who is a Good Candidate for Upper Back Liposuction?

Just about everyone can undergo liposuction on their upper back.

Older women generally are more susceptible to extra fat in the upper back area. Excess fat in this area is generally not responsive to diet and exercise, so if you are struggling with fat in this area, liposuction on your upper back is a great solution.

Back Liposuction: Before and After

What to Expect

Using only local tumescent anesthesia, tiny punctures (the size of a ballpoint pen tip) are made into the subcutaneous fat where micro-cannulas are inserted to suction out the fat cells. This procedure removes fat permanently, leaving a very sculpted and toned appearance in the procedure area.

Patient safety and comfort is our top priority during the entire procedure. Since patients are awake, Dr. Wright is able to have them change positions ensuring symmetry and optimal results. Our procedures are performed at our office in a surgical suite. Patients are able to resume regular daily activity after only a day or two.

Our Features

  • Expertise – Dr. Wright is a highly skilled surgeon that has trained with the inventor of the tumescent liposuction technique.
  • Affordable – financing options are available through Care Credit.
  • Award Winning – ask the hundreds of lipo patients that are happy with our results

Why Wait?

Your new sexy profile is waiting for you. Remove unwanted fat from the bra-line today and feel more confident in your sexy new body. Don’t wait; call us today for your consultation.