Lower Body Liposuction

Lower Body Liposuction San Diego

Lower body liposuction procedures help patients attain a more defined lower body and greater self-confidence. Weight loss in areas of the lower body can often be difficult, much more so than the stomach or upper body. It often seems like no matter how much time a person spends exercising, there’s no way to eliminate the fat accumulated within the lower body naturally.

The Procedure

Patients who undergo liposuction or related procedures should expect to be placed under general anesthesia in a surgical center. A tool called a cannula is used in conjunction with a suction machine to extract the fat from the procedure areas. This process typically takes between one and four hours.

Is it Right For Me?

In order to be the best candidate for this type of procedure, it is recommended that a patient be in overall good health both mentally and physically. In addition, it is recommended that patients be at or near their target weight and simply have excess fat deposits that are not cohesive with the rest of their body

Common Areas of Lower Body Liposuction:

Legs: The distribution of fat throughout the legs and ankles is often predetermined for women. Many find that these fat deposits are impossible to eliminate through strict diets and regular, vigorous exercise. Fat on the legs and ankles is often superficial and easy for cosmetic surgeons to improve through liposuction. Liposuction around the knee region is also an option, as too much fat around the knee can create a distorted look, causing one’s entire leg to look disproportionate.

Waist: Weight gain and fat deposits around the waist and abdomen areas are incredibly common. In can be incredibly hard for someone to burn off this belly fat through diet and exercise. Waist liposuction can help contour the body and decrease one’s waist measurement.

Thighs: Liposuction of the thigh areas can help patients achieve a contoured appearance. The fat deposits in this area are typically easier for a surgeon to access. Liposuction in the thigh region has become incredibly popular in recent years for this reason. For women, the outer thighs is a very popular section of the body for lower body liposuction. This is due to the fact that the female body is naturally inclined to store extra fat within the thighs so the proportion of fat cells in this region may be greater than within the rest of the body. This procedure can address all regions of the thigh to improve the overall contour of the leg.

Hips: Liposuction of the hip area typically yields some of the most visible results, as it’s particularly difficult to lose weight in this region. A hip liposuction procedure can help someone in ways in which exercise cannot.

Buttocks: Liposuction in the buttocks region can improve the shape, size and smoothness of the buttocks region. However, no more than 40% of fat should be removed from this region in order to maintain a well-proportioned appearance.


Patients can expect to walk less than 24 hours after the procedure. However, full recovery from liposuction can take up to a few weeks. Swelling and bruising generally accompany liposuction procedures. Patients must wear special garments designed to support the procedure area. Drainage tubes may be required. Stitches from the surgery will be removed after 10 days.

Scars will be prevalent after the surgery, but they will mature after a period of about 6 to 12 months. Patients should expect residual numbness, burning and tingling around the incision site for weeks after the surgery.