White Hair Removal

White Hair Removal Treatment

New Technology – Painless White Hair Removal

Is the white or grey hair on your upper lip and chin driving you crazy. Laser’s generally don’t treat white hair, however, we have a new ultrasound laser, capable of treating white hair successfully. Laser Skin Technologies is the only clinic in Auckland, which has this technology. The added bonus of this technology is that it is painless.

This is a great solution for those with blond hair who have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS); as well as menopausal facial hair growth.

How white hair removal treatment work

The machine works by the process of converting sound into heat, thereby, deadening the hair at the root, allowing to then be removed painlessly. The difference between electrolysis and ultrasound laser is that the ultrasound treatment is painless.

The first clinically ultrasound based painless hair removal treatment for all types of hair and all types of skin.

  • Removes White, Grey, Red and Dark Hair
  • Painless Hair Removal
  • Treats all skin colours
  • Is safe and effective on all skin types
  • Effective for men as well as women
  • Avoids down time from work or play